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Light Peach coloured handwoven maheshwari silk saree



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Light Peach coloured handwoven maheshwari silk saree

Length:-  6.5 mts (including 80 cm blouse) x 46”

Comes with a light golden coloured maheshwari woven blouse.

A temple town, an ancient city redolent with the sound of mantras and bells. The sparkling Narmada with its stunning sunrises and sunsets, lazy boats, flickering diyas and riverine ghats. The towering Maheshwar Fort, a song in stone that was once the home of the famous Ahilyabai Holkar, a pious and austere queen known for her just dispensation and fine sense of beauty. Home of the lustrous Maheshwari weave, a paean to the lightness of the butterfly on loom. History in warp and weft. Maheshwari textiles were spun by expert weavers that Ahilyabai brought in from Surat, Varanasi and Chennai to weave saris for the royal household and also as gifts for Peshwa kings and visiting dignitaries.

Dry clean only.

Difference in shade may be there due to camera lights.

Please embrace little imperfections as these are handmade/handloom products.


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