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Pure cotton dyed handmade Ajrakh Dupatta


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Pure cotton natural dyed handmade Ajrakh Dupatta 

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Pure cotton natural dyed handmade Ajrakh Dupatta  

Size:- 2.7 mts 

Gentle hand wash separately in cold water with mild detergent. 

Excess natural colors may bleed when washed for the first time.  

Avoid soaking for too long. 

2 reviews for Pure cotton dyed handmade Ajrakh Dupatta

  1. Rani

    My 1st purchase was amazing, good quality stuff and budget and timely delivery. Very happy with the purchase

  2. Rani

    They have categorised the collection states?to promote and educate with all the heritage of that particular state?. was moved by the efforts going in making them?. keep up the good work?. can?t wait to see them adding more stuffs different states

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