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Magenta colored hand block print cotton table runner


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Beautiful Magenta Colored Hand block printed Cotton Table runner will add freshness to your dining room. It has a printed border which enhances the design. It can be used as a table runner in any other room too regardless of any occasion.

This range of runners is crafted from different blends of core colors to fit any interior and offer great usage and easy maintenance. This durable runner is easy to clean and maintain. accessorize your tables with the stylish table runners from weaverhut in various colors. pick the table runners in appealing prints in various materials.

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Magenta colored hand block print cotton table runner. 


Wash separately with mild detergent. 

May bleed color for few washes. 

2 reviews for Magenta colored hand block print cotton table runner

  1. Zuhi

    My 1st purchase was amazing, good quality stuff and budget and timely delivery. Very happy with the purchase

  2. Zuhi

    They have categorised the collection states?to promote and educate with all the heritage of that particular state?. was moved by the efforts going in making them?. keep up the good work?. can?t wait to see them adding more stuffs different states

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